Cooperantes Operi [ii]


Took a bit longer to get set up today and capture one still wasn’t recognising the camera or the tethering lead wasn’t working properly or something, which is what the main issue was last time, but less carrying was involved so I have come away free of the muscle ache I was left with perviously. The model was hilarious though, and he made the whole job more relaxed and friendly, everything anyone said he would make in to a song and at one point between outfit changes in the middle of the location we were shooting at he just started singing in to the steamer and dancing around, everyone was literally pissing themselves it was so funny. Personally I wasn’t a massive fan of the clothes, the leather was done well but the shirts looked a little cheap, in my humble opinion of course. It was all very matrix-esque.

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Cooperantes Operi [i]

vI can not even begin to explain how incredible yesterday was.

Forget the fact that I had to get up at 6:50 on a sunday and that if it wasn’t for the fact I have an exam tomorrow I would have been working till midnight. It was still so so good. The set was fucking amazing it was like this construction site with exposed brick and ivy and all this rustic metal lying around everywhere and then by it was the most amazing little area with dark wood and moss with stepping stones and massive buddah statues. The clothes were also incredible, really minimalist and the male models were fucking BEAUTIFUL jesus and everyone was so nice and chilled out and we all just had a laugh and i’m still exhausted and I have muscle ache all over but it was so good and the shots looked amazing and everything was just good and Rhys the photographer who I met when I worked at Rankin’s studio and who happens to have a younger brother i’m friends with said he would give me a call when i’m finished my exams and I can assist on more shoots with him and it is really making me question wanting to go to 6th form or even university. x

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